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The Glory Zone University

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School of Kingdomology


Welcome to The Glory Zone University 

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education

TGZU is a biblical based accredited University designed to educate, equip, train, and develop the body of Christ to execute and fulfill the prime directive of extending the Government of God throughout all the earth as outlined in the Constitution of Heaven  under Article Genesis, section 1, subsections 26-28.


Traditional Seminary and Bible schools offer Theology which is sound and vital biblical information.  However, Christ came to specifically introduce the world to the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, the majority of Seminary or Bible schools do not offer one course on the Kingdom.  TGZU is the solution to the problem.


TGZU provides an in depth study of the role and function of the Ekklessia as it pertains to Our King, His Domain, and Him sharing rulership of His Kingdom with us, His children.

Upon completion of study, Ambassadors will have a mastery in the "Keys" concepts and precepts of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven and be

cemented in the understanding of their Birthright which is to function at prosperous levels while living on Earth.

(UTK) Understanding the Kingdom:  6-Month Prerequisite Course  

Understanding the Kingdom (UTK): This course acquaints the believer with a complete understanding of both the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. UTK will familiarize the student with the policies, principles, and practices that operate in the Kingdom and guarantee prosperity and success for Dominion Living:   UTK is a mandatory course and must be completed before any other course can be taken.


The Purpose of the Ekklessia (Church):

What's wrong with this world? The answer, shocking as it may be, is the Church. The error the Church is making is in lack of knowledge. The key, or missing information, is Purpose. The church does not know its purpose. This course teaches the very nature, purpose, and original intent of the church from a Kingdom point of view and not from the view of organized (staged) religion. God has a prime directive for His Church and expects us to fulfill this prime directive. The Ekklessia will only be successful when it fulfills God's original intent and purpose for our existence.

Worship and Arts - An Audience of One:

6 Month Course: The tradition worship service/experience, albeit good and often pleasing to the worshipper, has mostly been one sided and borderline selfish for many believers.  This Course helps to bring biblical illumination and practical understanding of Music & Arts in the life of believers (the Ekklessia) as an expressed posture of love to the Lord.  This course will provide a clear biblical understanding and application of worship from both God's point of view and man's response to the environment.


Biblical Concepts Discussed:

  • The Life of a Worshipper (Lifestyle vs. Experience)

  • Worship in the Tabernacles (Moses, Solomon, & David)

  • Worship is an Atmosphere involving all 5 Senses

  • Praise is a Sound, But Worship is a Fragrance

  • The Power of Music & Performing Arts (Allowing God to Sing and Play through us)

  • The Reward of True Worship

  • 7 Hebrew Words for Praise

  • 5 Words of Worship

  • Song Selection (Biblical Foundation, Scriptural Posturing, Messaging & Theme)

  • and so much more!

Kingdom Economics and Biblical Finance: 

This course provides a clear understanding and appropriation of the rules that govern the access, actuation, and utilization of the limitless resources intended for Kingdom growth and advancement. Kingdom Economics and Biblical Finance provides insight into those fundamental rules and underlying principles that unlock and release God's provisions to His people to support the local budgets of the Ekklessia and fund the mission of the Kingdom while underwriting Heaven's initiatives.

Prayer & Spiritual Warfare: 

Through prayer, God's purpose, intent, and perfect will for man are made known.  Prayer with fasting is the most powerful tool that can be accessed and utilized in the life of a believer, which yields a formidable weapon in the spirit world, rending the enemy's attacks powerless and impotent.  This course serves to make the believer cognizant of the spiritual weapons that are available.

Prophets & Prophecy: 

The prophet has always played an integral role in the unfolding of God's divine revelation. They serve as the mouthpiece through which God exhorts, instructs, directs, and challenges His people to a life that is blameless and pure before Him. This course communicates the essential role of the prophet and prophecy in the end times, and to empower believers to more in the realm of the prophetic.

The Embassy of God:

This course endeavors to examine and communicate the mandate and principles for the local embassy (The Ekklessia) to observe structure and divine order so that it can move effectively and expeditiously in the things of the Spirit, thus realizing its unique vision, while simultaneously fulfilling the mission of the universal church (The Body of Christ).

Helps & Hospitality:  The disciples, working in the capacity of help assisted Jesus in feeding, controlling, and ministering to the thousands that were drawn to Him. They complimented and strengthened all that Jesus did, while simultaneously, permitting Him the freedom necessary to hear from God on behalf of the people. This is also the responsibility of all pastors, thus making the proper development of the Helps Ministry a prime importance to the local Kingdom Embassy.

Implementing a (12) Mountain strategy for Global Dominion and Governing Cities / Regions: 

In advancing the Kingdom of God, we must influence the earth for Christ. The Church must be a positive agent of change and transformation in the community. We are the Governmental Church (The Ekklessia) – The saints must rise and take their place in society as God’s agent of change. This course is design to teach how to infiltrate the Twelve (12) Mountains of Influence, which are considered to be cultures/systems that mold the way we think and influences our lives on a daily basis, and if we are to make any significant impact and change in the community as the Ekklessia, then we must engage these Twelve (12) Mountains of societal spheres, and govern them for Christ and His Kingdom, by so doing we can bring change and transformation to nations.

Training For Service: Qualifications for Ministry licensing  (26 Module Course, Certificate of Completion)

For Kingdom educators, new believers, beginners in ministry leadership, ministers, etc. Article James Section 1, Subsection 5: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, then give us to all men liberally, and upbraideth not: and it shall be given to him.  This course does not require UTK completion.

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