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Our Kingdom Core Values


Open Heaven: Unrestricted access to every resource of our King for the advancement of Heaven on Earth


Sanctification: Christ-Style life of holiness & sacrifice


Agape Love: God’s Love characterized by forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration


Supernatural Intercession: Not only praying for someone, but spiritually taking their place


Eldership: A plurality of Godly leaders, believing every member is a Minister


Worship: As a life-style and an act of obedience


Intentional Evangelism & Discipleship: CPA's (Community Penetration & Assimilation Agents)


Intimate Fellowship: An intense high-level devotion to the family structure with (Positive Youth Development)


Kingdom Technologies: A dynamic willingness to change, innovate & (SAM) Solve problems, Address issues,

and Meet needs


Kingdom Hope & Expectation: God is our Strength for today and our great Hope for tomorrow


Kingdom Dominion Faith: Maturing believers from just a “Faith in God” to operating with

the “Faith of God”.


Acceptance of Everybody: Acceptance is not approval (We must first catch a fish, before we can scale it)


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