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Vision Master Class Starts April 4th 2022

Every Monday 8pm - 930pm EST - Zoom Virtual Classroom

Heaven's Comprehensive Vision

Vision for My Life 

  • What does Heaven want me to do with the rest of my life?  

  • What are my gifts, talents, abilities, strengths, likes, wants, weaknesses?


Vision for Companionship

  • What type of person am I compatible with?

  • What are my/their interests, hobbies, personalities, dreams and hopes?


Vision for your Family

  • What will I leave for the next generation?


Vision for Growth and Development for Education

  • How will I continue to learn throughout my life?

  • What books will I read each month?

  • What seminars should I attend?


Vision for Career or Calling

  • Which of the 12 Mountains of Society am I called too?

  • How am I infiltrating that mountain for Heaven?

  • How do I see my career in 10, 15, 20 years from now?


Vision for your Friends & Colleague

  • Understand the difference between a Friend & a Colleague

  • Find my friend / Be that friend


Vision for recreation and renewal

  • How will I build in margin for Rest and Renewal

  • How will I manage stress and life’s pressures

Vision for Spiritual Growth and Development

  • How am I continually being fed spiritually in this new environment?

  • What habits do I need to create or break regarding Prayer and Meditation times?

  • Who am I mentoring to entice their spiritual growth?

  • Who and What circumstances is Heaven allowing into my life to push me into purpose/destiny?


Vision for Financial Stability

  • What is my view of prosperity and success

  • Do I understand the different rivers of living water within me?

  • Am I maximizing the income potential of each river?


Vision for Health and Fitness

  • Am I self sabotaging my health

  • Maintain health / work balance:  Weekly Exercise, Nutrition, Vitamins, Partnership with my PCP.

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