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The Glory Zone

What is the (TGZ) Glory Zone

The Glory Zone is not a Church.  The people are the church or ecclesia, the ones called out by God. 


The Glory Zone is an Embassy 

The Kingdom of Heaven is the home country of every child of God.  This makes every believer a Kingdom representative.  As with any embassy, TGZ is a gathering of diplomats from Heaven who desire to hear from our King, better understand His perfect will, and live under an open heaven with complete dominion and authority over the affairs of the Earth


The Glory Zone is a Legislative Body.

TGZ is an office in a foreign country (Earth) where citizens of Heaven interact with our host country (Heaven) and administer the rules, regulations, and culture of Heaven here on Earth


Why We Exist

We exist to give the world a supernatural encounter with God 

We exist to infiltrate and distribute our King's precepts and concepts here on earth 

We exist to expand the influence of Heaven by teaching the Message of our King and help all who will listen and receive God's love to move from the Kingdom of darkness and migrate into the Kingdom of Light

We exist to assist every diplomat to operate in the supernatural and reclaim the 7 mountains of society in the region and territory assigned to them

We exist to reshape the earth through educational reform, social reconstruction, community development, political enfranchisement, economic empowerment, spiritual renewal, psychological liberation, and regulate and realign society.


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