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Diplomacy vs Membership

God is our King and Heaven is our Country.  The Bible is our Constitution:  God’s word is not a religious book, but the legal document of Heaven (Our Country).  Every county sends diplomats to represent the interest of the mother county in a foreign land.  Heaven is our mother country and every believer is ordained by God and placed here in the Earth as a Heavenly diplomat assigned to various regions. 

The Bible is about a King, His Kingdom, and us His Children. We are the ecclesia sent from Heaven as diplomats living on earth to represent (re-present) our King’s interest.  We invite you to transpneumigrate from just being a member of a church or ministry and become a Kingdom diplomat for the Glory Zone.  As a Glory Zone Diplomat, you gain access to all the rights, priviledges, and protection provided by our constitution to fulfill His perfect divine will for your life.

              Become A GloryZone Diplomat                                       Become A GloryZone eDiplomat

We invite you to visit one of weekly embassy events as a Kingdom Diplomats from heaven will 1) hear from our King, 2) better understand his perfect will, and 3) operate under an open heaven with complete dominion and authority over the affairs of the earths.  

We invite you to join our embassy from any place in the world.  eDiplomats share in the same rights as standard Diplomats by connecting with us via social media, webcast, conference call lines, and live videos. 

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